Lakeview Baptist Church has a long and vibrant history.   As many organizations do, we have gone through good times and through bad.  However, through it all JESUS has been with us and our faith has not wavered.  We invite you to come and be a part of our services here!  Our congregation is very friendly and will welcome all people with open arms.  The only thing we ask is that you come ready and willing to be taught from the Bible.  We don't ask anyone to accept our word, but we do believe that we should all obey the Word of God.  So join us this Sunday.  Grab a cup of coffee and a donut and settle in for some Good sound Bible preaching and teaching.  See what God has for you here at Lakeview Baptist Church!


Our church was founded as the Indiana Avenue Missionary Baptist Church in 1946.  Through the years there have been several name changes associated with moves culminating in our current name of Lakeview Baptist church and our current location in Newcastle, OK.  We have been at this facility since April of 2021.  During the history of our church we have had nine Full-time Pastors with several who have served on an Interim basis between Pastorates.


In October of 2018 God called Pastor David J. Moore to be our Pastor here at Lakeview Baptist Church.  Pastor Moore and his wife Pamela have been married since 1989.  Together they have raised five kids with the older three married and serving the Lord and the younger two still at home.  The Moore's also have three grandchildren.  


Our church is small, but we are certain that God can and will do great things for His ministry through us if we will submit to him.  We look forward to adding new ministry opportunities in the coming months and doing our best to reach a lost and dark world.